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In The Pursuit of Self Mastery 

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

BREAKTHROUGH your old programming and create the life, love, and happiness you deserve! 

Are You Following a Formula For Success?

Success is just a matter of following the right formula and learning to overcome your past conditioning. Once you learn how then life becomes easy. Now you are in the driver's seat of your own destiny. 

Watch the Masterclass below to start your journey on learning WHY you do what you do, why you FEEL the way you do, and WHAT you can do to change your life instantly.

How to hit the target and win every time!

Setting goals and learning how to accomplish them is not a secret. In fact, its now a science. Once you learn the process you can hit them every time!

Identify your limitations and overcome them

The hardest part for most people is realizing what's been stopping them. In the Masterclass you will learn what has been holding you back.

Watch from the comfort of your home

Register from any device and watch the Masterclass from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn a step by step process to succeed at anything you want

Sign Up today and learn our 5 step success strategy that I personally use to accomplish almost 100% of all my goals.



Create a plan of action to get you on the path to achieving your goals in record time. Register for the Masterclass today!

Featured Testimonial

I've spoken to over 3,000 companies in the USA and abroad...

I worked and became Tony Robbins’ #1 National Seminar Leader and have worked with literally thousands of people from all walks of life. And I must say that Ivan Lomeli is the real deal! His message and testimony will move, motivate and inspire you to become more than you ever thought possible!"  

Brett Figueroa 

Author, Speaker and Sales Coach 

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Join hundreds of people just like you and participate as a group to learn new skills and strategies to succeed in life.


Hire Ivan for your special events, trainer, hosting, or as your keynote speaker. 

If you are willing to push harder than you ever have before: and then push a little harder; you have what it takes to get anything you want in life.


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Whether it's business, sales or marketing we're here to help take your team to the next level. 

Featured Testimonial

I have worked with almost every best-selling motivational speaker/author as a business coach, and let me tell you, Ivan is one of the best! His message is captivating, inspiring and full of tools and strategies to succeed. His programs call you to action to achieve your dreams! He is one of the few who walks the talk. He has created massive success in his own life, in the companies he has started-- and he can show YOU how to create massive success and joy in your life. You can't afford to say no!

Carolyn McCormick

Business Coach

“I can not thank you enough Ivan for what you’ve done. My friends can’t stop telling me that I am not who I use to be. I have a new “glow” to me that I have never had before. You made me understand myself like never before and opened my eyes to new ways of looking at things. You have been an incredible blessing in my life Ivan. 

Thank you so much!!!” Jessica Nunez

“The combination of the program and Breakthrough seminar will probably be the most life changing experiences you will ever undergo in your entire life time. I’ve seen a lot and done a lot in my years and I have to say what Ivan does and the way he does it is life changing. Thank you Ivan for all the success you have brought my team and my company.” 

Armando Gutierrez, Los Angeles 

Masterclass 2022 - Free Access Pass!

About Me


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach

At first my journey was about becoming successful. Then my passion became about helping others achieve the same level of success. Now it's about helping others heal along their journey in this process we call life.

  • Serial entrepreneur. Started multiple businesses over 20 years

  • Started a sales business at 19 that grossed $250,000 it's first year

  • Started a mortgage company at 22 and grew it to over $8 million a year in less than 3 years

  • Became a millionaire at 26 years old

  • Masterclass 2022 - Free Access Pass!

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